Best Car Covers for All Weather Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Best Car Covers for All Weather Reviews 2019

Whether you’re planning on storing your nice car away for the winter or you’re storing it away simply because it’s not being used as often as it probably should, purchasing a car cover for your vehicle can prevent your car from getting damaged in any way. More specifically, a car covers is classified as a large sheet of fabric made from special material that is used to cover your car and protect it from various harmful elements in the external environment. They are even known for their ability to lengthen the life of your car overall.

Given the benefits that car covers offer your car, you’re recommended to check them out and purchase one for yourself. But since there are various different types of covers that are designed for different purposes, it can be frustrating to try and find the best one for you and your specific needs. Consequently, here are the best car covers and their reviews as well as some further information when it comes to buying the right car cover for you.

Leader Accessories Car Cover – Best Seller

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This car cover is recommended for you because it’s classified as a best seller for customers like you. It comes with additional UV protection, and it has three layers of fabric to provide maximized durability. Given that, this car cover would be suitable for you if you’re planning on storing your car outside for long periods of time.

Utilizing this car cover is also recommended for you if you’re placing it in your garage or a shed because it’s produced with dust proof material. It’s a general cover, so it can successfully sit all different types of cars, including sedans, SUVs, and even trucks.

In addition to these benefits, this car cover is produced with a breathable material that contains air holes, so it can repel moisture and keep your car dry for long periods of time. If you do end up using this cover for your car outside, it can withstand large wind gusts, since it’s built with straps and buckles to prevent it from blowing off of your car.


  • Contains an elastic hem around the bottom portion
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Protects from UV rays, dirt, dust, pollutants, and even bird droppings


  • Not waterproof

Top Pick:

Motor Trend Car Cover

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This car cover is highly recommended for you because it’s defined as the top pick from its previous customers. It’s most advised for you if you’re planing on storing your car outside, since it’s waterproof and can withstand all types of weather, including snow, rain, wind, and even the sun. This cover is produced with reinforced material that contains multiple layers of breathable, woven polyester.

In addition to that, this car cover can fit a wide variety of different vehicles, since it comes in various different sizes. More specifically, you can purchase this cover in small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large sizes. If you have a sedan, this car cover with most definitely fit your car.


  • Has sealed and scratch-proof lining
  • 100% waterproof
  • Perfect for all seasons


  • Doesn’t protect the bottom of your car

Best Value:

AmazonBasics Car Weather Cover

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You’re advised to check out this car cover because it’s labeled as the cover that has the best value by previous customers. It’s available a variety of sizes, including large sedans, extra large sedans, extra extra large sedans, and even compact vehicles. Not only that, but this car cover is responsible for shielding your car against scratches, and the inside of the fabric is composed of a soft material that prevents the risk of the car cover alone scratching your car.

In addition to that, this car cover contains an elastic hem lining at the bottom of the cover, which helps to keep the cover installed overtop of the car. This elastic hem also helps to protect the corners of your bumpers, so you don’t have to worry about the cover sliding up and the sides of your bumpers getting scratched.

Additionally, this car cover comes with an antenna patch kit, which is helpful if you have an older car that contains an antenna. You can also store this car cover in a storage bag that’s included when you’re not using it, which can prevent the cover from getting dirty and damaging your car in the future.


  • Fits cars measuring up to 204 inches long
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Has an elastic hem to prevent sliding off


  • Not waterproof

Runner Up:

GunHyi Outdoor Car Cover

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The GunHyi car cover is classified as the runner up in the list of the best car covers suitable for all weather conditions because it contains six layers of heavy duty material for maximized protection. Not only that, but this cover even comes with additional UV protection for when you store your car outdoors.

The car cover itself is produced with aluminum material, and it has a total of six different layers of high-density and breathable materials. Not only that, but the material in this cover is also 100% waterproof, so it can repel water from rain, sleet, and even melting snow.

Furthermore, this aluminum car cover comes with wind proof straps to ensure that the cover won’t come off even when the wind is blowing strongly. There are also reflective straps to ensure complete safety at night while your car is stored outside. You can also use the large storage bag that the product comes with, which can prevent your cover from getting dirty while you’re not using it. This car cover is also available for sitting a wide range of different car sizes, including sedans that measure 182 inches to 191 inches.


  • Protects your car from dirt, dust, snow, wind, rain, pollutants, and harmful UV rays
  • Has windproof as well as reflective straps to ensure maximized protection and safety
  • Made from aluminum material as well as 6 additional layers for maximized protection


  • Isn’t able to fit minivans or trucks

Also Consider:

Audew All Weather Car Cover

Product link:
Not only should you check out each of the car covers previously listed, but you should also consider this car cover product because the Audew car cover is produced with size layers of material that’s highly dense and breathable. Not only that, but this car cover has material that is not woven, waterproof, dustproof, and is even sun proof. Given that, this car cover would work perfectly for you if you’re planning on storing your car outdoors for long periods of time.

Additionally, the Audew car cover has a windproof design, which includes adjustable straps and buckles to keep the cover on even during wind storms. There are also reflective straps that help to ensure maximized safety during the nighttime. These reflective straps help to prevent anyone from crashing into or hitting your car at night when it’s otherwise difficult to see your car.


  • Fits cars measuring up to 190 inches long
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Has an elastic hem lining


  • More expensive than some of the other covers on the market

Best Car Covers for All Weather Buying Guide 2019

Why You Need a Car Cover

Car covers can protect your car from all different types of dirt, debris, and other harmful external sources. They can give your car extra protection whenever it’s needed. More specifically, you should probably think about getting a car cover if you aren’t planning on using your car for a long period of time. Leaving your car to sit without covering it for a few weeks, and even a few months, is putting it at risk for developing scratches, dents, and other harmful effects.

You should definitely consider covering your car with a cover if you’re leaving it outdoors, since it’s more at risk for developing damages from externals resources outside. For instance, the constant changing weather can negatively affect your car if it’s left outside for too long. Aside from leaving it outdoors, you would also need a car cover if you’re planning on even leaving it inside of your garage, since there is still dust and debris in your garage.

Not only that, but you will most likely need a car cover if you’re leaving your car in the garage while also using the other side of the garage regularly. By constantly utilizing your garage while the car is also placed in it, you’re moving the air around and creating dust and debris that will probably land on your car at some point and wear out the paint (1).

Different Types of Car Covers

Indoor covers

Indoor covers are specifically designed for you to utilize while you’re storing your car either inside a warehouse, a garage, or even a shed. Most of them are produced with a woven polyester fabric that contains a soft lining. They’re also usually more lightweight and breathable than other types, since they don’t have to provide maximized protection from factors outside.

Aside from these features, indoor car covers are usually not waterproof and they aren’t technically capable of protecting your car against most types of liquid. Because of that, you should regularly check to make sure that your car is not receiving any contact with any type of liquid while you’re using a car cover specifically designed for indoor use (2).

Outdoor covers

Some car covers are specifically designed to be suitable for outdoor use. These covers are generally the most durable, since they’re responsible for withstanding and providing enough protection for factors that are in the external environment. For instance, outdoor covers are required to provide enough protection for your car from not only dirt and debris, but also from all conditions of weather, including the rain, wind, snow, and leaves.

Outdoor car covers are usually not breathable, and they’re waterproof. Because of that, they’re more durable and are generally produced with a thicker and heavier fabric than other types of car covers. These covers also come with more study mounting technology, since they have to be able to stay on even with the wind blowing (2).

Custom-made covers

Car covers can sometimes be difficult to find that are able to fit your car perfectly, especially if you’ve altered your car by adding a kit or you have a special edition. Because of that, some suppliers give you the ability to have a car cover tailored in order to fit your car perfectly.

Since custom-made covers are capable of fitting your car like a glove, they’re more able to provide maximized protection for your vehicle. They create no space inside the car cover, so the fabric is able to rest right on top of your car’s surface. In addition to that, tailormade car covers are able to have special spaces made for certain parts of your car that other covers wouldn’t be able to protect, such as added parts like spoilers and special mirrors.

Furthermore, you should expect to pay more for custom-made car covers, since they take time to make and they are typically produced with a fabric that has a durable material. Some suppliers even give you car covers that are made with specific type of fabric for your car. But it can be difficult to find suppliers for these types of car covers, so you should expect to have more difficulty.

General car covers

As opposed to car covers that are custom made for your vehicle, there is a cheaper option available for you to purchase more general car covers. These covers are more able to fit a wider variety of car models, and they are produced to have the basic rectangular shape of cars in general.

General car covers vary in their lengths, and they are available for purchase in more places than a few suppliers. Since they are produced with the purpose of fitting a wider variety of car models, general car covers aren’t able to fit around your vehicle as tightly as custom-made covers. There will typically be more breathability in these covers, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, depending on where you plan on storing your car with the cover on it.

Moreover, general car covers are usually cheaper than other types of covers because they are produced with more basic materials and they aren’t able to fit your car as perfectly as custom-made car covers are able to do.

Heavy-duty covers

Heavy-duty car covers are more suitable for you if you’re planning on storing your car outdoors or in a place that will have a large amount of contact with external resources. They are not only capable of keeping your car free from dust, but they can also protect your car from more severe damages underneath the surface as well.

They are generally produced with a thicker material than other types of car covers, so they’re more durable and can withstand more harmful events than other covers. Some heavy-duty car covers can even have thick pads in order to protect special areas more than other areas, like around the tires or around certain spots of the bumper.

Light-use covers

Aside from heavy-duty car covers, there are also ones that are more suitable for light-use. You may consider this type of cover if you’re only planning on having your car covered for a shorter period of time, or if you’re only trying to cover your car while it’s already in the garage.

Car covers for light-use are only designed specifically to keep the dust and debris off of your car. They can prevent scratches and they can keep the paint on your car in tip top shape. But they aren’t as successful in protecting your car against dents. Furthermore, they are produced with a thinner fabric than other types, and they are only designed to go around the top of your car (2).

Things to Consider Before Choosing One

Since there is such a wide variety of different car covers available on the market, there are certain things that you should consider before you choose one specific car cover product that you’re happy with for your vehicle.

Where you’ll store your car

It’s important for you to think ahead about where you’re planning on storing the car that you plan on covering. This is because some covers aren’t able to successfully provide enough protection for certain locations. For instance, if you are planing on storing it outside, then you will need a cover that is able to provide maximum durability to withstand certain weather, like snow, rain, wind, and even some weight from the leaves.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on storing your car inside of a garage or shed, then you may not need one that’s as durable as other covers, since the building already provides protection from the weather at least. But you should also consider whether the garage, shed, or warehouse that you’re storing your car in is being used. If you’re using the other side of the garage or other work is taking place inside of the place that your car is stored, then you should consider that when choosing one.

How often you’ll use the car

You should also consider whether you’re storing the car away for good or for a short amount of time. Some people simply choose to cover their car for a few months or through the winter season. On the other hand, some people simply choose to just keep their car covered while they’re not using it.

Some people even choose to cover their car for good in order to save it for someone else or to keep it nice to sell it. Regardless, you should consider how often you’re planning on using your car. If you’re using your car often and then covering it just when you’re not using it, then a less durable and light-use one would be most suitable for you. But if you’re planning on storing it away for a longer period of time, then you will need one that’s more durable than just a light-use one.

How much money you want to spend

Since there is such a wide variety of car covers to choose from and they’re all available at different places for different prices, it’s important for you to set a boundary of prices that you’re willing to spend. More specifically, some covers are more expensive than other ones because of the different features they have, the fabric that it’s composed of, and the brand that they’re available for.

Given that, you’re recommended to do some research before you choose one for you. Look for the different prices and the different features that you’re most comfortable to pay, and use this price range for reference when you’re shopping for car covers.

Whether you need a breathable or waterproof cover

Breathable covers provide very different results and protection than waterproof covers. Breathable covers are for more light-use situations. For instance, if you’re planning on using your car more and covering it when you’re not using it, or if you’re storing the car in the garage where it’s already protected, then you should consider a more breathable cover.

Before you choose a breathable cover, you should also keep in mind that they provide less protection than waterproof ones, since they aren’t as effective in protecting your car from certain liquids when they’re spoiled on it.

On the other hand, waterproof covers tend to be more durable and provide more protection than breathable covers. Waterproof covers are able to protect your car against any type of liquid that it comes in contact with. Not only that, but they are produced with a fabric that is more protective against the paint on your car as well. Because of this, you should consider a waterproof cover if you’re planning on storing your car outdoors where it’s constantly dealing with the weather outdoors.

If you’re considering a waterproof care cover, you should keep in mind that if moisture does get trapped underneath the cover, then the car will be more susceptible to damage. When moisture gets trapped underneath waterproof covers, there is no way for it to escape, so it can cause corrosion, mold, and even mildew.

Tips When Using Car Covers

Periodically remove the cover and clean your car

Regardless of what type of car cover you have, you should take it off from your car and clean your car occasionally. Some covers vary in how often you’re recommended to do this, but you should do it every few months regardless of what type of cover you own. Moisture can get trapped beneath the cover, or some scratches can occur under the cover. So by removing the cover and checking everything out on the car, you have the ability to detect any problems sooner.

If it’s outdoors, consider UV protection

Some covers have clear patches so that the sun can get through to the inside of the car. Your car’s top coat offers UV protection for your car’s paint, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car in the sun and having your paint fade. But the interior of your car isn’t as durable. More specifically, your dashboard and other interior components of your car risk fading after they’ve been exposed to the sun for too long. Because of that, you should make sure that you’re purchasing a car cover that offers UV protection if you are storing it outside where the sun can consistently reach it.

Clean your cover regularly

You may not have to completely remove the cover off in order to clean it often, but you should at least make sure that the top part of the cover is clean all the time, especially if it’s a light-use cover made for the indoors. Having too much weight on the cover can make the inside portion of the cover rub against your car too much and it can actually cause damage.

Choose a material that works well with your car

Some car covers are produced with a material that is designed to fit snug against your car, while others are simply produced only to keep your car covered altogether. Because of that, you should make sure that the inside fabric of the cover you’re purchasing works well with your car and won’t snag on anything or scratch the car’s surface.

Make sure your car is clean before covering it

Since car covers are responsible for covering all parts of your car, making sure that all parts of the car are clean is important. Having dirt or other debris on the surface of your car while you’re covering it can cause damage to your car’s paint, since the dirt and debris can rub against the paint and cause it to wear off over time.

Install it correctly

Car covers can sometimes be difficult to install, and they won’t provide protection effectively if they’re not covering your car correctly. Because of that, you should either look at the instructions on how to install the cover if they come with directions. Or you can even look up YouTube videos on how to install it. Generally, you should place the car’s mirrors into the pockets of the cover first, and then you should be able to easily pull the cover down under the front bumper and then the rear bumper. It’s also easier to apply if you have another person helping you install the cover.


Will my car cover protect against the snow?

If the cover is waterproof, then it will most definitely protect your car from the snow. Even though it’s not recommended that you allow heavy accumulation of weight on top of your car covers, some products are clearly designed to safely and effectively protect your car from snow.

Can car covers prevent rust over time?

Rust occurs when there is a prolonged accumulation of moisture on your car, so having a cover that’s waterproof and prevents water from accumulating can prevent rust from occurring.

Are car covers able to protect against hail?

Depending on the thickness of the material that’s in the car cover, some covers are completely able to provide enough protection to prevent scratches and dents from hail. But you would have to do some research prior to choosing a cover, especially if you live in a location which receives a large amount of hail (3).

Overall, there are various different car covers on the market available for you to choose from, but they are all able to provide your car with the protection that it needs in order to last longer, avoid scratches and dents, and look better altogether. Car covers in general have the ability to protect against a wide variety of harmful effects, including rain, hail, snow, wind, debris, and even the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Given the wide range of benefits as well as the great products included in these reviews, you’re recommended to check out these products. The best selling products in addition to the top pick, the best value, and additional covers are included in these product reviews. Consequently, you can easily choose the one that works best for your specific needs.

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