Best Cup Holder Phone Mount Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

A car phone holder is an incredible interior accessory that makes it possible to use your mobile device’s navigation system. These holders are easily placed in the cup holder of your vehicle of choice and adjusted to size. Why would you choose a cup holder phone mount? Are they a safe device to use in your vehicle? How do you install a cup holder phone mount? In this guide, we will discuss five fabulous products, what to look for in a cup holder, some of the benefits of owning one, and answer the most frequent asked questions about cup holder phone mounts.

Best Cup Holder Phone Mount Reviews 2019

Best Seller: WeatherTech CuoFone with Extension 8ACF1-81CF15

CupFone is an adjustable cell phone holder designed for Android phones, iOS phones, and pretty much every other smartphone that is available on the market today. It has an open, accessible bottom for easy charging accessibility that allows you to charge your phone while it’s in the grip holders. The technology behind the CupFone allows it to fit tightly and securely. The interchangeable base cup technology makes it compatible to a variety of cup holder sizes. CupFone is also designed to be extremely easy to adjust.

Not only does the holder fit in a Ford LTD, but it also is terrific for use in recreational vehicles such as RV’s, golf carts, and boats. The CupFone extension is the perfect addition to your console and positions your phone in an ideal angle for easy visualization of your screen. It is American made, and it is designed out of the best quality materials. It comes with a fully adjustable tilt and 360-degree rotation, which also can help you see the screen more easily.

CupFone Features:

This product is 100 percent manufactured and designed in America.
The phone holder tilts in all directions giving it full range of motion for the perfect position to hear your navigation prompts.
The base provides a rotation of 360 degrees, which can be changed and adapted from any position in the car.
It is designed using five interchangeable base cups that modifies to the size of the cup holder to fit it more securely.
This product is designed to fit in any size vehicle, RV, or golf cart.
It is easy to charge your phone with the open access bottom.
Verdict: The CupFone Extension is our best seller and is an ideal interior accessory for those who are looking for the perfect position for their mobile phone. The CupFone extension gives you the ability to adjust your phone to the perfect angle and superior flexibility to all types of vehicles.


It is designed to fit in any size cup holder.
The adjustable cup comes apart easily.
It provides easy access to charge your phone.

Your cell phone may tilt forward if the bolt isn’t tightened correctly.
Our Top Pick: TOPGO Upgraded Cup Holder

The TopGo cup holder has a high-quality, innovative design that is designed to be fitting for cell phones that are between 2.01 inches to 3.54 inches wide like the Samsung Galaxy S9, S8, and S7 or the iPhone XS, 7Plus, and 8Plus. It offers an adjustable gooseneck that angles your phone to give adequate visibility to your screen. The secure grip anti-slip surface, two holding feet, and curved arm provide useful guarded protection for your phone. In addition, added protection comes from the soft sponge cushion that encircles your device.

The TopGo phone holder supports a maximum thickness of 0.51 inches and is not equipped to handle cell phones with a battery case. The cradle-holders base grips up to 4 inches in diameter and is not designed to handle anything more extensive. This design has a heavy base and durable plastic; it also has extended arms for a broad depth, and a 360 degrees rotation that allows you to change the position in both horizontal and vertical mode.

TopGo Features:

This phone holder supports phones with a thickness of up to 0.51 inches.
The cup holder mount is modifiable, and it fits tightly and without any movement.
It has an adjustable gooseneck that can reach 8 inches in height.
This product is suitable for phones that have a width of 2.01 to 3.54 inches.
The holder has a secure grip and an anti-slip surface that will help secure your phone.
The soft sponge cushions that surround the inside of the phone holder to protect your phone from getting damaged or scratched.

The TopGo cup holder is our top pick as it is perfect for those who travel and use their navigation system. The TopGo holder allows you to place and angle your phone to the ideal position to see your screen. It is compatible to fit in any vehicle, RV, boat, or golf cart.


It has an adjustable gooseneck that makes it extremely versatile.
This model is a universal cell phone holder.
This product stays secure and in place in your vehicle.

If the cup size is not adjusted correctly, it will not fit your cup-holder.
A phone with a battery case will not fit in the holder.
The Best Value: Macally MCUPMP Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder

The Macally MCUPMP is designed with safety in mind. The cup holder has a flexible neck and 360-degree rotatable universal cradle that can easily be adjusted for the perfect viewing angle. The cradle and side support hold your mobile device in place to prevent scratches from occurring on your screen. It fits inside of nearly all vehicle cup holders within 1.77 to 4.1 inches in diameter.

Simply, loosen the mechanism then twist until it fits snugly into your cup holder. It offers two adjustable side grips and two feet adjusters to hold all up to date iPhones, iPods, and Smartphones securely. The Macally MCUPMP cup holder is also compatible with all current Galaxy and Note devices. For added convenience, it offers a one-button device feature which attaches and releases your mobile device within a matter of seconds.

Macally MCUPMP Features:

It is compatible with all iPhone devices and iPods; the Galaxy S6, S5, S4, and S3; the Note 4,3, and 2; and most other Smartphones.
It holds phone devices that range in size from 1.77 to 4.1 inches.
The car cup holder mounts have an adaptable base that makes for a precise fit in cars, RVs, trucks, and other recreational vehicles.
It is designed with a one button device release to quickly and easily fasten or remove your mobile phone.
This product is designed with a swivel holder to view your mobile device vertically or horizontally.
It has a flexible neck and 360-degree rotatable holder.

Macally MCUPMP is the best value for your money. The Macally is able to hold bulky cases securely with its firm clamps, which makes it more excisable to a number of phones. It has the benefit of a safe and best viewing angle without something obstructing your view of the road. Macally is a great option for those who travel a lot.


It holds phone securely, including ones with cases.
This product is designed with a swivel-style holder.
It has an excellent viewing angle.

This unit could be loose in the cup-holder if not adjusted properly.
The Runner UP: Upgraded TOPGO Universal Adjustable Cup Holder

The TOPGO universal cup holder is designed with an adjustable heavy base and durable plastic. It is suitable for cup holders of 2.4 inches to 4-inch in diameter, for a more extensive depth and longer length, the holder has extended arms. The intent design of this cup holder is to secure a 1.77-inch to a 3.54-inch mobile device and make it interchangeable between the current iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Huawei.

It is relatively easy to install; just loosen the nut behind the phone holder, then place the nut directly into the ball part and align the concave. Place the ball part in it, and then retighten the nut. Next, place the 4-inch base of the unit into your vehicles cup holder. Twist the serrated cone-shaped feature, located on the base, clockwise to tighten it securely into your cup holder, turn clockwise to loosen it.

The curved arm and two holding feet will hold it securely in place to protect your mobile device with no vibrating or shaking. In the final step, click the button located behind the phone holder to open the clip, and then place your mobile device in the holder between the soft cushioned pads. Use the 360 rotation to adjust the angle of the screen as you see fit.

Upgraded TopGo Universal Holder Features:

This cup holder mount is adjustable, and it is designed to fit securely in your vehicles’ cup holder.
It is suitable for all phone devices that range between 1.77 to 3.54 inches in diameter.
It is designed to be adjustable with a strong and durable base that locks into your cup holder.
The holder offers a 360 degree rotation for desired position vertical or horizontal mode.
The two holding feet and curved arm give it even more versatile protection for your phone.
The cradle holders have a 4-inch diameter that is very accessible.

The TopGo Universal Holder is the runner up with its 4-inch diameter cradle holder accessibility as well as a very snug fit. This holder is great for individuals looking for an all-around device that fits perfectly in to your vehicle and has a great viewing angle. TopGo adjustability accommodates any type of a truck, car, or recreational vehicle.


This product is designed with a secure and anti-slip surface.
It is made with an adjustable heavy base that gives the product more durability.
This device is capable of holding most current mobile devices.

You need to remove the cell phone cover for your device to securely fit appropriately between the grips.
Also Consider: Cellet PH600 Car Cup Holder Mount

The Cellet PH600 was designed with compatibility and safety in mind; this product supports all current Samsung Note, Galaxy, Motorola Moto, and iPhone that are 2 to 3.5 inches wide. It provides soft holder grips and backing that will not scratch your cell phone. It is relatively simple to install and comes in two pieces; the heavy-duty base that goes into the cup holder and the phone holder that snaps into place at the top of the base.

The cup holder base is adaptable to your standard cup holder by turning the release valve counterclockwise or clockwise to release it. Place your mobile device in the cradle and press the side arms inward until your phone is snugly secure. The sturdy holder can move up or down to adjust the viewing angle, and it also has a 360-degree rotation that allows you to adjust the positioning from left to right. To release your device from the side arms press the bottom at the lower right-hand corner and the arms will automatically open to free your phone. In addition, it offers a no hassle-free, one-year warranty.

Cellet PH600 Features:

It has an adjustable base that is designed to fit perfectly into your interior cup holder.
It has a 3.5-inch arm with the ability to rise to the height of 6.5 inches.
It can accommodate mobile phone devices up to 3.5 inches wide.
It is capable of 360 degree revolving from the cradle.
It comes with a hassle-free, one-year warranty.
Soft holder grips and backing are included on the holder to keep your device from getting scratched.

The Cellet PH600 is one of the products that we would like you to consider, and like many others, it too has a 360-inch degree rotation making it possible to see your screen easily. It holds cell phones that are up to 3.5 inches wide. The PH600 is an awesome gadget that makes it safe for you to use your phone’s navigation app.


It has soft protective holders that will not scratch your phone.
It comes with a hassle-free, one-year warranty.
This is a product that is easy to install.

The connections may loosen over time.
Best Cup Holder Phone Mount Buying Guide 2019

First off, why should you get a cradle cup holder phone over a magnetic mount? Mainly, the location of the holder is essential, and it is the reason why this type of product will be purchased in most situations. The magnetic holders are mounted on your windshield or dash where they can block your view of the road. Whereas, the cradle cup holder sits directly into your vehicle’s interior cup holder and safely out of your sight of your driving vision.

With the cradle model, you will not have your charging cord hanging down across your front windshield; safety is important for not only you but the people driving on the road with you. If you are distracted by the location of the hone while you are driving, the other drivers can potentially be in danger as well. Cradle models can grip the sides of your mobile phone with soft rubber grips; however, there are going to be some size limitations that you will have to contend with. They also are compatible to many of the current mobile phones of today’s market; with a little adjustment, they securely hold your phone in place for good visual of your navigation app that is displayed on your screen.

What Should You Look for When Buying Holder Phone Mount?

When looking into buying a holder phone mount, you will want to look to see if the product is adjustable both at the base and phone holder. It’s also important to look at the amount of rotation and the adaptability that is offered by the product. These features and others listed below will provide you with adequate information to help you make a precise decision or your purchase of a holder phone mount.

The Main Feature:

The main feature of this product is that it is mounted directly into your vehicle’s cup holder. Being located in a cup holder versus your dash or front window makes it much safer for you to drive without something blocking your view. Cup holder phone mounts allow your phone to be seen without obstructing your view; your safety is in your hands.

Other Essential Features:


Rotation is another important aspect when choosing a cup holder phone mount. Most sturdy phone cradles rotate 360 degrees to provide you with the viewing angle that works best for your needs in your vehicle. If you don’t include this feature in your search, you may end up with one that only allows backseat visibility. Being able to see your navigation app on your screen without difficulty allows you to safely drive to your destination.

Base Adjustability:

Within this review, you may have noticed that the majority of holder phone mounts have an adjustment at the base. You either turn them clockwise or counterclockwise to tighten or loosen the hold on your vehicles cup holder. There is one product in this review that has interchangeable cups for the base adjustment. Either option is ideal to use for a 1.77 to the 4.1-inch interior cup holder.

Phone Holder Adjustability:

Having the right amount of adjustability is essential to see your cell device’s screen safely. Some have a flexible gooseneck that is adjustable to any angle; others, have an up and down mechanism slightly below the sturdy phone holder. This feature technique makes it possible to see the screen of your device from the backseats, passenger seat, or the driver seat.


The versatility of this product is so amazing that its design accommodates the most updated cell phones on the market today. Having this type of option makes it easy if you have multiple drivers that use the same vehicle or if you choose to change or update your device. Another incredible aspect of these holders is that it can be used in all different types of vehicles, including RVs, so you will never need to go without one when you travel.

Adjustable Grips:

Having adjustable grips allows you to use a different cell phone with the same product. Most holders have grips that can be adjusted from 2.4 to 4 inches in diameter. To do so, place your phone between the grips and squeeze them inward until your phone is secure. There typically is a release button in the lower right-hand corner of the holder. The inner backside of the holder and grips offer a soft sponge cushion to protect your phone from scratches.

Who Would Benefit by Using a cup Holder Phone Mount?

Anybody that uses their phone’s navigation system can pretty much benefit by using a cup holder phone mount. Those who will benefit the most are travelers who cross from state to state for their jobs like a sales rep, a truck driver, or a traveling writer. It also is beneficial for those who enjoy vacationing as they fit in RVs and other recreational vehicles.

Frequent Asked Questions

1) Why choose a cup holder phone mount?

This product will help you have your phone in a secure place while you are using your navigation app. You will no longer be distracted while driving as you try to see your mobile device’s screen; instead, you will be able to safely drive as you are able to see your directions displayed on the screen at a glance and hear your navigation prompts.

2) Are they safe to use?

Yes, they are much safer than units that are on your dashboard or front windshield. They don’t block your vision or have cords dangling in your view of the road. You can also see your navigation system that is displayed on the screen clearly.

4) How do you expand the base to fit in my cup holder?

There is an adjustable dial on top of the base of the unit for proper modifications. The dial turns either left or right; turning the dial clockwise will extend the base to create a tight and secure fit into your cup holder. To release it from your cup holder turn the dial counter clockwise.

5) Will my iPhone fit a cup holder phone mount?

Yes, all current iPhone devices are capable with these holder styles. They also are designed to hold the current Samsung, iPods, and Galaxy. Most holders are made to hold a phone that is 1.77 to 4.1 inches wide.

6) What are some of the benefits of owning a cup holder phone mount?

There are many benefits from owning a cup holder phone mount, but one that sticks out strongly to me is how it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road, no dangling wires either. Holders are easily adjusted to give you the ultimate view of your screen. With that said, you will be able to use your phone navigation system to find the way to your destination with ease.

7) Are there any phones or devices that do not fit into this type of device?

The devices vary so it will depend on the holder that you choose.

8) Are cup holder phone mounts designed to accommodate phablets and larger devices?

They can accommodate any mobile device that is no larger than 4.1 inches wide.

9) Do these products come in multiple colors that you can use to accessorize your vehicle?

No, these products typically come in black.

10) What is the basic installation process for a cup holder phone mount?

You place the phone base into your vehicle’s cup holder and turn the dial clockwise to snugly secure it. After it’s secure, open the adjustable grips, place your cell phone into the holder, and press the grips inward to make a snug fit. Adjust the 360-degree angle so you can easily see your screen from the driver’s seat.


In this guide, you were educated on cup holder phone mounts and how they make it safer for you to use your navigation app. You also learned that they are adaptable to all the current iPhone, iPods, and Smartphones. If you’re a traveler, a truck driver, or someone that needs to be on the road for your work, then a cup holder phone mount maybe what you need. Out of the five products that we reviewed in this guide, there are some great options, but the one that you choose is ultimately going to be up to your specific needs. If you still need help finding one to purchase, take another look at our buyer’s guide to help you get started.

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