Best Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Best Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion Reviews 2019

Driving a car should be comfortable, especially if you have to do so for long periods as an Uber driver. With many standard car seat cushions, however, this mightn’t be the case. As a result, an increasing number of people have considered getting a new car seat cushions. This can often be an overwhelming choice for a few reasons. The first of these is that there are several materials that you can choose from. Within these options are a considerable amount of brands and models. This means that many of us can quickly become confused as to which one we should buy.

In the past few years, there have been a few that stand out as the best car seat cushions made. One has been memory foam car cushions, with the material possibly ringing a bell for many people. These have traditionally been used in beds, although memory foam has become increasingly popular in a variety of other areas. Despite its popularity, there is still a large amount of choice for memory foam car cushions. However, there have been a few that have proved popular, for several reasons.

As a result, you should consider buying one of the below. Each will have their individual pros and cons, which means that they deserve some thought before you make the choice. While the decision can often be a personal one, you shouldn’t go wrong by choosing any of these. There are several factors that you’ll need to consider when buying, so it’s worth looking at the major aspects of the seats before making a choice.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Wedge Seat Cushion, Body Heat Responsive, Orthopedic U Cut-Out Design to Relieve Pain, Car Cushion – Best Seller

Staying Put
Many car seat cushions have been known to slip around while driving. This is something that Everlasting Comfort looks to avoid with a non-slip rubber bottom which negates the issue. This provides an added amount of safety, as you shouldn’t get distracted by it moving. When it comes to safety, this is one of the best car seat cushions you could choose. This is because it will not move around on you.

Great Design
Alongside this is an ergonomic wedge design that ensures a comfortable fit, regardless of whether you have any back conditions. This is enhanced by the fact that it’s heat-responsive, which means that it can be molded to your shape as you sit. Two other notable benefits include that it’s durable and portable, so you’ll be able to use it on any chair without worrying about breaking it. This portability offers flexibility with where you can place it while still feeling its benefits.

Couple Issues
There are a few drawbacks to this, however. The first of these is that the back is quite wide. While this can be beneficial for people on the larger side, it can often be a negative for people with small to medium-sized hips and bottoms. There’s also less memory foam compared to its competitors. Coupled with a decent amount of compression, this means that the cushion can often feel hard. This is worsened the longer you’re sitting on it. As a result, it may not be the most appropriate choice for long drives.


  • Ergonomic wedge design
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Heat responsive for molding
  • Long-lasting


  • Back may be too wide for many people
  • Hard wedge
  • Foam compresses significantly

Purple Royal Seat Cushion – Seat Cushion for The Car Or Office Chair – Can Help in Relieving Back Pain & Sciatica Pain – Top Pick

Gel Made
Purple has had experience in the mattress world, with this experience helping them design the Royal Seat Cushion. As such, there are a few benefits to this, with a large amount of comfort being notable, despite it being much thinner than other products. As it’s made of gel, there are virtually no pressure points, which adds to its comfort level. This also has an impact on a user’s posture, with much of this being positive. As it’s a gel, there’s also a certain amount of shock absorption, which can be great on bumpy roads. This can be especially beneficial if you have any back conditions.

Soft Firm
The cushion has been designed to be soft on one side and firm on the other. This can make it a great option for people who may need to switch between the two. When it comes to gel-based products, this is one of the best car seat cushions you could buy. However, there are a few disadvantages to the cushion. The first of these is that it’s designed more for short-term sitting.

Not Long
While it will initially be comfortable, this shouldn’t last after a few hours, making it increasingly uncomfortable. This is especially true for people who may be on the heavier side. Lastly is the fact that it does have a certain smell to it, which many people may find off-putting. This smell may also get progressively worse, making it a cushion that you may not want for too long.


  • Designed for proper posture
  • 2-inch gel offers a large amount of comfort
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Has both a firm and soft side
  • Large amount of shock absorption


  • Has a terrible smell
  • May not be comfortable for heavier people
  • Not great for long-term sitting

COMFYSURE Car Seat Wedge Pillow – Memory Foam Firm Cushion – Orthopedic Support and Pain Relief for Lower Back, Tailbone, Coccyx and Hips for Driving, Office Chairs and More – Best for the Money

Comfortable Support
There can be a number of things to consider when looking at the best car seat wedge pillow. Featuring high-density foam, the COMFYSURE Car Seat Wedge Pillow offers a significant degree of support and comfort. This is further enhanced by the fact that it’s been ergonomically designed so that there are virtually no pressure points. As a result, it can be a wise choice for people with back conditions.

Super Functional
Ease of use is another key benefit here, as it’s been designed to be easily washable. A non-slip bottom adds to this, so it can be much safer than others when driving. It’s also lightweight and portable, which means that you should be able to use it with any chair. This can be great for people who work in an office and need to sit down constantly.

There are a few negatives that you should be aware of. The first of these is that it’s not long-lasting, so may need to be replaced quickly. It’s also not very firm, so some of the support that it offers can be undone over time. Despite being softer than many others, it can take a while for the cushion to mold to your shape, especially if you’re relatively light.


  • High-density foam for extra support and comfort
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Easily washed


  • Can take a while to mold
  • Not long-lasting
  • Not as firm as other cushions

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Sciatica & Back Pain Relief – Runner up

Easy Maintenance
Many people will want to choose a car seat cushion that doesn’t take much time to install, remove, or wash. This is where the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion shines, as it’s been specifically designed to be easy to use. This makes it one of the best car seat cushions in terms of ease of use. If you’re a no-fuss type of person and just need a cushion that just works, this is a great choice.

Stays Put
This is on show in that it’s both lightweight and portable, while also being capable of providing comfort on almost any type of chair. With its non-slip rubber bottom, you shouldn’t need to worry about it moving around, regardless of where you’re sitting. Add in the fact that it’s been ergonomically designed, and you’ll have an extensive amount of support for your tailbone and coccyx. Despite this design, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to sit on, especially over long periods of time.

Flattens Out
This is primarily driven by the fact that it can flatten much more than other cushions. This is compounded by the fact that this flattening can be long-term, which means that it isn’t the most durable or long-lasting product. Many of the bumps and grooves can also seem somewhat misplaced. This can make it seem more uncomfortable, despite the cushion being primarily designed to reduce back problems. As a result, this may not be a wise choice if you’re looking for a car seat cushion to help you with long journeys. You may also need to replace it regularly.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Machine washable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Tailbone support
  • Non-slip rubber bottom


  • Doesn’t last long
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Flattens more than others

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion Designed for Back, Hip, and Tailbone Pain – Fits Office Chair and Car  – Also consider

Plenty Foam
Many memory foam cushions only contain a small amount of the foam near the top, with the rest containing other materials. This can often mean that they’re not as effective as they could be. The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam car seat isn’t one of these, as it features 100% memory foam, which offers a significant amount of comfort.

Super Versatile
This also makes it somewhat more heat-responsive, which means that it will quickly mold to the shape of your buttocks and hips. With an ergonomic design, it can be a great pick for people who have any lower back issues. The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam also offers a certain amount of versatility in where it can be placed. This includes office chairs, among others, meaning you’ll be able to take advantage of its benefits almost anywhere. A non-slip rubber bottom adds to this by ensuring it can be placed securely on a chair.

Pretty Comfortable
There are a few drawbacks, however. Though it’s ergonomically designed, it may not be the most comfortable cushion to sit on. This is primarily because it can flatten quite quickly, which hampers its comfort levels, although it can be convenient for the first few weeks of use. The cushion can also tear quite easily, as it’s cover isn’t made out of durable materials. This could mean that you’ll have to replace it after a short amount of time, which many of us will want to avoid. If you’re looking for a relatively affordable product that you mightn’t be using too often, then this might be the cushion for you.


  • No additives make it 100% memory foam
  • Heat responsive so it molds to your shape quickly
  • Versatile design makes it appropriate for different chairs
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Non-slip rubber bottom


  • Non-long-lasting and becomes flat quickly
  • Can tear easily
  • Poor design makes it uncomfortable

Best Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion Buying Guide 2019

When it comes to choosing the best car seat cushion, many people may not know what to look for. While style and affordability will naturally be large parts of this, there are a few factors that many people may not think about. This can often be a mistake, as not considering certain aspects could result in somebody buying the wrong product for them. There are a few key areas that you should look at before purchasing the car seat. While some may not seem too large, they can still make a vital difference.

Ergonomic Support

One of the more important aspects of a car seat is the ergonomic support that it offers. You should opt for a chair that’s firm but doesn’t place too much pressure on areas such as your tailbone. Comfort is naturally key, so you’ll need to find the right balance between the two.

This is something that’s even more important if you have any back issues, such as sciatica or other spinal problems. As a result, the design of the seat is key. It should have a notch for where your tailbone or coccyx will be, which avoids the problem.

This will avoid any pain being caused by prolonged sitting, which is a benefit if you’ll need to drive for a long period. Another important aspect of this is the shape and contour of the car seat. It should mold itself seamlessly to the shape of your buttocks and hips. This may not be too much of a problem with memory foam car seat, although it’s something that you should still keep an eye on.

You should also consider how well this sturdiness and support holds up over time. Some brands will last much longer than others, which means there are a few that may cause issues sooner than you might think. This will be something you should avoid, as it could mean that you’ll have to purchase new car seats regularly.

To bypass this, invest in a high-quality car seat. While this may be more expensive up-front, it does offer more long-term support and savings.


While fabric may not be a deal-breaker, it is something that many people might want to consider. This is because it can affect the look and feel of the seat while having an impact on its durability. If you’re emphasizing how the chair looks, then this plays a large role.

This mainly affects the exterior of the seat, and shouldn’t be limited by whether you’re choosing a memory foam car seat cushion or others. Many people opt for leather, as it can match much of a car’s interior while also offering a certain amount of contrast. Others may choose the more traditional polyester, as it can provide more comfort when you’re sitting.

Both of these have their benefits and drawbacks, which you should consider before buying. While leather may not offer the most comfort, it can be more long-lasting and durable than other fabrics.

This is driven by the fact that it offers more resistance to wear and tear throughout its use. As a result, you’ll be able to go longer without having to replace it, which may not be the case with polyester or other fabrics.


The size of the car seat cushion plays a larger role than you might think. It can be quite easy to make a mistake when purchasing one, as many people overlook measuring their car seat before buying a cushion. This can also be true if you buy one that’s labeled ‘universal.’

In contrast to more fitted products, universal car seat cushions aren’t well-suited to many vehicles. This is because they take a one-size-fits-all approach that makes it either slightly too big or slightly too small. As a result, you may find that they’re not as supportive as you might believe.

This could also lead to them moving somewhat while you’re driving, which could be a distraction. You can avoid this relatively easily by measuring the car seat that the cushion will be placed on. Through this, you’ll be able to purchase a much more fitted car seat cushion. This will ensure that it’s as supportive as possible and shouldn’t need to be adjusted regularly.

It shouldn’t take much time to measure your car seat, but it can save you more time and effort in the long-term. While fitted car seat cushions may be slightly more expensive than their universal counterparts, they can be well worth the investment.

Ease Of Maintenance

How easy a car seat cushion is to clean can be one of its defining factors. There are two areas that affect this; it’s fill and the exterior fabric. A memory foam car seat cushion should be relatively easy to clean, although you’ll need to take a certain amount of care with it.

However, the exterior fabric may be what many people will pay the most attention to. This is driven by the fact that the appearance of the seat can make a large difference. Nobody wants their car seat to look dirty and unwashed. On the other hand, few people will want to spend much time cleaning it.

This means that you should choose a product that’s easy to wipe down or put in the washing machine. This avoids much of the meticulous washing that you’ll have to do to keep it clean. Certain fabrics will also be more stain-resistant than others, which is something that you should look for.

By doing so, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of cleaning that you’ll have to do. Alongside this is how easy or difficult the exterior is to take off. This ties directly into its cleaning, as some fabrics may need a different wash cycle than the internal materials.

This is especially true with a memory foam car seat, which will need a specific wash. However, leather and polyester may not be washed effectively in the same cycle, and vice versa. As such, you should pay particular attention to this.


There are a variety of common questions that people will have when choosing the best car seat cushions. As they’re so frequently asked, they can be quite easy to answer. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid them, as they can make quite a difference in making a purchase.

Is It Waterproof?

Many people accidentally leave their window open in the rain when they’re away from the car. As a result, much of the interior can become soaked. This means that many of us will want to know whether or not a particular car seat cushion is waterproof.

While this can often depend on the brand and model itself, there are a few factors at play. With memory foam, you should be aware that it’s not the most water-resistant. This means that you should purchase a cover that provides a certain degree of protection.

The cover of the cushion is what will be waterproof, which means that you’ll need to focus much of your efforts on this. The fabric that this is made of plays a large role in this, which is why you may need to consider which one to choose.

Depending on which product you’re buying, there may be varying degrees of protection. This is because many manufacturers may treat the cover with chemicals so that it can be waterproof.

As a result, you should look through its specifications before buying. While water-resistant covers may be more expensive, they can often be worth the investment.

Will They Fit In A Truck?

This is something that many people may consider, although there are a few factors at play here. The answer to this is somewhat yes, and no. You should be able to fit several car seat cushions into a truck, although it may not be a perfect fit.

However, you’ll need to have a few of them for it to be effective. This also means that they may not be a perfect fit in your truck, as there can be a large difference in measurements and specifications.

There are a variety of cushions that are designed specifically for trucks. As such, it may be more appropriate to purchase one of these instead of a car seat cushion. Should you not be in a position to do so, then you could place car seat cushions in the areas where people will be sitting until you can by a more appropriate product.

Is It Suitable For A Heavy Person?

Many people may be concerned about weight when buying cushions. There is a broad range of weight that a typical seat can withstand, although this can often depend on the brand and model. Many can typically take up to 300 pounds of pressure with ease.

The specifications of the product can help you determine whether or not it can handle a certain amount of weight. There are a few things that play a factor in this, with the foam filling being the largest. The thicker the padding is, then the more weight it should be able to handle.

For example, three-inches of foam will be able to carry more than two-inches without flattening. If there’s a mix of different fillings, then this will play a role in how much weight it can take.

This means that a cushion that’s made entirely out of memory foam will be able to take a lot of pressure. This is especially true when compared to a cushion that has an inch or two of memory foam combined with several inches of a different fabric.

To ensure that the car cushion can take a certain amount of weight, you should look at its specifications before buying.

How Do I Wash It?

This is one of the larger questions that people will have about the products. This can be relatively simple to do, although it can often come down to the product itself. The majority of this is driven by the fabric that’s used in the seat and its cover.

Many products come with a removable cover, which means that it can be easy to take off and put in the washing machine. You should pay particular attention to any instructions that come with the product.

This is because many manufacturers will use different dyes when creating the car seat covers. Should you fail to do so, you may often start to see discoloration and deterioration. Naturally, this is something that you should want to avoid.

As such, this typically means that you shouldn’t be able to put the product into your regular weekly wash.

As a result, you should carefully read through the cleaning instructions and our how-to guide on cleaning your memory foam seat cushion before putting it in the wash. In many cases, you can also wash it by hand. This will be the recommended route if there are only a few small stains that are easy to remove.

Can I Use It On A Motorcycle?

This is somewhat of a common question, and has a simple answer; you shouldn’t be able to use a car seat cushion on a motorcycle. The reasons behind this may seem obvious. In many cases, the width of a car seat will range between 16 and 19 inches. In contrast, a motorcycle seat will be typically between 10 and 12 inches wide.

This means that you should purchase a seat that’s been specifically designed for a motorcycle. These are often created somewhat similar to a saddle. As a result, they can often be quite easy to install and secure to your motorbike.

It should be noted that there are a variety of things you should consider when purchasing one. While many of these will be similar to car seat cushions – fabric, ease of maintenance, etc – there may be a few that are unique to the vehicles. This means you should research what’s needed for them before buying.

Benefits Of Using A Car Seat

The primary benefit of a car seat is the comfort, as buying a new one can often provide much more of it than the one that comes with a car. This is primarily driven by the fact that they can offer more support than a standard model and take the pressure off certain areas of your buttocks. The support can also extend to your lower back and hips.

Much of this will be seen on longer drives, which is why memory foam car seat cushions are recommended for people who need to be in the car for extended periods. This is further enhanced by the fact that they can help improve a person’s posture.

The improvement that many people can see will result in improved blood flow around the body. This is especially true regarding your legs and lower back while driving. As a result, drivers will experience less back pain because of traveling. Should you suffer from any back-related conditions, then this could be a significant advantage.

Much of this is because traditional seats make blood pool in certain areas. This could then lead to certain conditions developing or becoming worse.

Many car seat cushions can also come with heating elements. For people living in colder climates, this can be a great way to improve comfort levels during a drive. While this may not be something that everybody looks for, it’s certainly something that many people should consider.


Picking the best memory foam car seat cushion could take a noticeable amount of time. By knowing what you want and need in advance, however, you’ll be in a prime position to make a decision. As we’ve noted above, there are various reasons why you should upgrade to one. By choosing one of the car seat cushions we’ve detailed, you’ll ensure that you’re making a wise decision. While the choice can be somewhat personal to your needs, each of the above are effective. What’s stopping you from making your drive much more comfortable? Sit down, have a think, and buy one soon to start feeling each of the benefits that the car seats can offer. With any of the above, you’ll be making a wise choice.

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