How to Clean Memory Foam Car Seat Cover

You may be wondering how you would go about cleaning a memory foam car seat cover. Occasionally, children will have accidents or spills on these seat covers, and it requires some cleaning. Not to mention, you want to do it properly. At first glance, cleaning it may seem intimidating because of how complicated it looks. It doesn’t have to be that way, however.

Plan Ahead

One of the things that you have to prepare for with this is that you will need a couple of days or hours to dry your seat covers properly. For that reason, you will want to plan it before you decide to make this leap. This method works its best when you need a total cleaning of the car seat cushions. If you only have a single spot where something was dumped or you have to clean a urine spot, you can clean it through a less rigorous process that usually targets a specific spot on the cushions.

Getting Started

Before you can begin, you will first need a few different items to help you with the cleaning of it, such as:

  • Cold water
  • Bathtub
  • Mild detergent
  • Paper towel

Step #1: Remove the Memory Foam Car Seat Cover

If possible, you will want to remove the memory foam car seat cover from the car seat. What happens if you can’t remove it? If you can’t take off the cover, you will first want to examine the tag found near the pillow or the couch. This will help you to figure out if you even can wash the car seat. In some cases, you may not be able to wash it. Let’s say that you don’t have any signs of whether you can wash it or not. What do you do? Instead, you will wash one hidden corner of the car seat cover to determine if any damage has been done to it.

Step #2: Only the Surface of the Foam Needs Cleaning?

In some cases, you’re in luck if you only need to clean the surface of the seat cover. You will apply an upholstery shampoo as a way of cleaning it. In the next part, you rub your cleaning agent into the surface and use a cloth to wipe it down.

Step #3: Need to Wash the Whole Thing?

Children can be messy, and in some cases, they dump something sticky all over the car seat. This can make it harder for you to clean it fully. In this step, you will turn on the hot water to the bathtub and let it run. Once you have filled it up, you will put the cushion in the water. Follow the label instructions on your detergent bottle to figure out the right level of detergent to use. You want to apply this to your cushion with the proper amount of detergent.

Step #4: Put The Cushion in the Water

For the following step, you will need to submerge the cushion in the water. You will press it down and submerge it. You will continually need to press on it as a way of working the soap into the cushion. As the water gets suctioned, it will help with cleaning the inside of your memory foam car seat cover. Important tip—if the water gets too dirty, you will want to empty the bathtub and clean it a second time. This will yield the best results for you, and it will handle the detergent better.

Step #5: Do You Have a Removable Shower Head?

For those who have a removable shower head, you could take it off and use it to spray the cushion and clean it faster. The pressure from the water will help to clean it. As you go through this process, you should remember that you will also want to squeeze, clean and rinse the cushion. As you go along with it, you will rinse it and repeat the process. When you push on the cushion, this helps you to rinse the inside of the couch cushion.

Step #6: When to Drain the Tub

You will know when to drain the tub when the water looks clean, and it doesn’t have any remaining soap. As this happens, you will drain the tub before you press it tightly from top to bottom. During this process, you want to get rid of as much of the water as you possibly can. You will begin by starting on the side farthest away from the drain.

Step #7: Use Several Towels to Dry It

As you begin the process of drying the memory foam car seat cover, you will want to wrap the cushion in several towels. You may notice the towels getting soaked. As this happens, you will switch them out for dryer towels. If you can, you might take the cushion outside and dry it out from the rays of the sun. It may not be possible, but if you can, try to dry it in a bright location at an angle because this will help to accelerate the process.

Step #8: Check for Moisture

Looking for moisture on a paper towel can help you to determine if you need to dry the memory foam car seat cover any further. In some cases, you may have to dry it more to get the best results.

Step #9: Clean the Plastic Shell?

After you have cleaned the memory foam car seat cover, you may be wondering if you should clean the plastic shell. We would recommend that you do this because it leads to a neater looking car seat at the end, and you have cleaned it fully. You will want to use a damp cloth as part of the cleaning process with the plastic, and luckily, this is an easier thing to clean than the memory foam car seat cover. Fill a bucket with cold water and soap to clean it. You don’t want it to be dripping, and you will wipe the shell and the towel dry.

Tips to Get a Better Cleaning

Now to get started on figuring out how to clean your memory foam easier. You have a couple of different things that you can do that will help with making this process much easier so that you get the best results.

Tip #1: Getting Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Let’s say that the seat cover still has an unpleasant odor even after you have cleaned it. You can simply sprinkle baking soda over the top of your seat cover, and this will help you with getting rid of the smell. After you have sprinkled it over the top, you will let it dry in the sun for several hours. Once the seat cover has finished drying fully, you will take a vacuum to clean it up. As you remove the baking soda, you will find that it soaked up all the bad smells.

Tip #2: Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning helps you to disinfect and fully clean the messy area. You might use a detergent to help with the process of the cleaning, but this will help you to get a better cleaning from it.

Tip #3: Cold Water Works the Best

In general, using cold water will work the best with helping you to get a cleaner seat cover. You don’t want to use warm water for this process as much because of how it will shrink the cover, and it won’t fit as well in the car seat than if you had used colder water. Besides, not all stains will respond well to warm water. In fact, in some cases, if you use hot water, you can set the stain into the fabric as opposed to getting rid of it.

Tip #4: Use an Air Duster

Especially for getting into the nooks and crannies, an air duster can help you to get a cleaner looking car seat as a result.

Tip #5: Consult with the Owner’s Manual

When in doubt, always use the owner’s manual as a tool for helping you to better understand how to proceed. This can also help you to determine if you can wash the car seat or not. In some cases, you won’t be able to wash it.

This is how you would go about cleaning a memory foam car seat cover. You will get the best results if you follow through on this process. Maybe the seat cover isn’t even necessarily dirty, but that time of the year has arrived where you need to have it cleaned. This makes it more sanitary for your child, and it ensures that you take care of any germs that might be lurking on it. You want the driving experience to feel comfortable for everyone in the car.

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